Genetic Health Risk Guidance with Utilisation of Artificial Intelligence

DNA-Tests for everyone!

NGeneR has developed a supply chain for analysing your DNA, with the goal of identifying genetic predispositions to diseases, by utilising artificial intelligence technologies. Data security, data management and data privacy are key elements in our solution.

NGeneR - What's That?

NGeneR is a Danish healthtech start-up that specialises in providing genetics based individualised health risk guidance for everyone. NGeneR will genotype and analyse customers’ single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), by utilizing microarray genotyping and machine learning technologies, in order to provide health insights to improve lifestyle and help postpone the consequences of diseases. Order your DNA Testing Kit today and get your DNA analyzed.

NGeneR enhances your quality of life

Digital DNA Data

Genotyping and digitizing of the customer’s DNA.

DNA Analysis with the Strength of AI

Analysis of the genotyped data.


Illuminate potential health risks and genetic pre-dispositions to diseases.

How does it Work

Commercial delivery
We will send you a DNA Testing Kit with a Saliva Collection Tube
Spit in the provided Collection Tube and send it back to us
Explore your DNA and reveal hidden truths about your genome

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